About the WSVC

In 2015, after the suicides of two Marine Corps Combat Veterans Jesse Beckius and Casey Owens, a group of veterans from the Roaring Fork and Colorado River valleys banded together to assist fellow veterans.  Conversations ensued about the need to increase coordination and resources in support of those with military experience.

From the work of this committed group of individuals (all volunteers) throughout the Colorado, Roaring Fork and Eagle valleys, the Western Slope Veterans Coalition was born. WSVC is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3).

Meet Jesse Beckius

Today, the Jesse Beckius/Casey Owens Veterans Resource Center provides a hub for the information, action, programs and activities that support, honor and connect veterans in the Colorado, Roaring Fork and Eagle valleys.

The Coalition is an organization supported by and open to all citizens, organizations and businesses that support veterans. The WSVC holds quarterly meetings and events, provides a forum for information sharing, best practices, and the coordination of resources for veterans.

Meet Casey Owens